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About me

registered veterinary technician with exotic pet, zoo and wildlife experience - proudly serving oakland, ca

With nearly 30 years of experience in the veterinary field, I feel incredibly fortunate to use my extensive training and diverse skills to care for exotic and pocket pets in the Oakland community.


I know just how difficult it can be to leave your pet behind while you travel. Knowing that your pet is in qualified hands is truly invaluable. Your pet is unique. Whether feathered, scaly or furry, you can rest assured knowing that they are getting specialized care from someone with direct, in-the-field experience.


I am a credentialed Veterinary Technician in the states of California and Oregon. I include the Oakland Zoo and wildlife projects in Botswana and Malawi among my previous employers. 


Additionally, over the years, I’ve spent time volunteering with wildlife rehabilitation organizations - both locally and abroad. I currently volunteer in the rabbit and pigeon departments at Oakland Animal Services.


It’s important to me to stay up-to-date within my field, so I regularly attend Continuing Education conferences and courses in order to deliver the best care to my community.


My goal is to keep your pet happy, healthy and stress-free while you’re away with the best exotic pet care services in the Oakland area!


P.S. Of course, I have my own ‘zoo’ too! My crew includes a rescued Chihuahua mix, two hens, a Roborovski hamster, a jumping spider, and two colonies of honeybees.


Thank you for trusting me with your pets!

- Michelle


service areas

OAKLAND: Allendale, Laurel, Maxwell Park, Millsmont, Redwood Heights, Dimond, Oakmore, Montclair, Piedmont, Piedmont Pines, Oak Knoll/Golf Links, Sequoyah, Grass Valley, Chabot Park

ALAMEDA: East End, Fernside

SAN LEANDRO: Sheffield Village, Broadmoor, Estudillo Estates/Glen


ready to get started?

Specialized, experienced care is so important for our exotic pets. Choose the best with Fur And Feather Pet Care!

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