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oakland’s exotic pet care services

specialized exotic pet care from the hands of an experienced veterinary technician

There’s no doubt about it. Exotic pets are unique. That’s why specialized care is so important!


As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I am trained in the proper care of a vast variety of exotic pets. Plus, I have the ability to notice subtle signs of illness or discomfort that a friend or neighbor might not notice.


Next time you’re away, trust Fur And Feather Pet Care to deliver you the peace of mind you deserve!


Animals we care for: All types of birds, from parrots to backyard chickens, reptiles, amphibians, fish, pocket pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and ferrets, and invertebrates (yes, even tarantulas!).

A unique pet sitter for unique pets

service areas

OAKLAND: Allendale, Laurel, Maxwell Park, Millsmont, Redwood Heights, Dimond, Oakmore, Montclair, Piedmont, Piedmont Pines, Oak Knoll/Golf Links, Sequoyah, Grass Valley, Chabot Park

ALAMEDA: East End, Fernside

SAN LEANDRO: Sheffield Village, Broadmoor, Estudillo Estates/Glen


in-home pet care

Whether you’re on vacation or still in town and busy or away from home all day, get the specialized, expert care you need! Schedule one or two visits a day to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Visits Include:
  • Enclosure cleaning

  • Food preparation and feeding

  • Bowl cleaning and water refreshment

  • Medication (if needed)

  • Socialization/time outside of enclosure (if accustomed to)

Additionally, we address your home’s needs like:

  • Mail and package collection

  • Alternating lights and curtains

  • Indoor/outdoor plant watering

  • Rolling in/out trash bins


30-minute visits - $37


45-minute visits - $46


60-minute visits - $61

small animal boarding

Some animals may be boarded at Fur and Feather Headquarters. We can accept small animals like hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, some reptiles, smaller birds, etc. No rabbits or cats are accepted.

Boarding includes:
  • Daily enclosure cleaning

  • Food preparation and feeding

  • Bowl cleaning and water refreshment

  • Medication (if needed)

  • Socialization/time outside of enclosure (if accustomed to)

Important notes:

  • Please contact us to determine if your pet is a good fit for boarding

  • Space is limited to one client at a time

  • All boarding requests should be submitted over 14 days in advance

  • Owner is responsible for providing the pet’s enclosure and food 


Boarding rates start at $35/night


p.s. we also offer nail trims!

Nail trims are available for existing pet sitting clients, and during a pet sitting visit or boarding only. I can do nail trims for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and most lizards. For your pet's safety, I can only trim nails if the pet is tolerating it well, and cannot guarantee that the trim will be completed if the pet gets overly stressed or aggressive.


$25 per pet, no matter the species


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"if you took michelle and put her in a forest, within 5 minutes you'd witness a scene out of snow white, where the woodland creatures would flock to her and sing sweet songs of adoration in her ear. she really understands animals and cares about taking good care of them for you while you're away."

Beth C.


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