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exotic pet care resources in the oakland area

Whether you’re looking to adopt an exotic or pocket pet or want to ensure they’re getting the best qualified care, here are the top resources in Oakland and the SF Bay Area


Oakland Animal Services.jpg

A local favorite! Michelle at Fur And Feather Pet Care volunteers at Oakland Animal Services in the rabbit and pigeon departments.


Based in Vallejo, CA, Ratical Rodent Rescue helps rescue and rehabilitate rodents and small animals.

House Rabbit Society.jpg

House Rabbit Society has both an adoption facility and a Hop Shop to shop for rabbit accessories.

East Bay Rabbit Rescue.jpg

This 100% volunteer organization is based in Livermore, CA.


Palomacy specializes in rescuing and rehoming pigeons and doves.


Based in San Jose, Mickaboo specializes in parrot-type and commonly domesticated birds.


Adopt a bunny through Mill Valley’s SaveABunny.


Peninsula Humane Society helps home a variety of exotic and farm animals and are based in Burlingame.


Medical center for birds.png

The Medical Center for Birds, based in Oakley, CA, has a quiet bird-only atmosphere.


With their exotic specific ward, Ohana Animal Hospital provides excellent care for exotic pets and small mammals.

Dr Sip.png

Serving the East Bay area, Dr. Sip makes exotic veterinary house calls to keep your pet’s visit stress-free.


For emergency care needs for your exotic pet, visit Veterinary Emergency Group in San Ramon.

All Pets.jpg

* Important note - as of October 2022, All Pets Hospital is no longer seeing exotic pets. They may begin seeing them again at some point in the future, but currently there is no estimated date for this.

All Pets in San Francisco treats the following ZooMED pets: avians, pocket pets, rabbits and reptiles.

hayward 2.png

Located in Hayward, CA, Hayward Veterinary Hospital is experienced in caring for exotics and pocket pets.


Groveway is able to care for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, pigs, and goats.


Based in San Francisco, this veterinary hospital has staff specialized in caring for birds and non-traditional pets.

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