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exotic and wildlife events near oakland this spring

If you’re looking for a fun outing that includes your favorite animals, you came to the right place. We’ve put together a list of Oakland area events that focus on exotic pets and wildlife. Whether it’s an expo where you can find some new equipment, or a chance to go to a nature center and learn more about wildlife rescue, there’s an event for you to enjoy. Grab your calendar and enter those dates now, so you don’t miss out. We’ve included dates and locations so you know just how to plan your little excursion, but of course, always check the event website to get the full scoop on what to expect, dates, location, and more!

exotic and wildlife events near oakland in spring 2024

Here are just a few exotic and wildlife events near Oakland this spring.

rat rescue adoption event near oakland

Rattie Ratz Adoption Event, March 3, 2024, Pet Food Express, Walnut Creek- Rattie Ratz Rat Rescue takes in rats given up by individuals and from overwhelmed shelters. Adoptions are usually by appointment only, but at their rescue fairs, you can meet multiple adoptable rats and see which one steals your heart. If you have your eye on a specific rat, give the rescue a call so they can be sure that specific rat will be attending. When you adopt a rat you’ll also receive a 20% off coupon for Pet Food Express. You can use it to stock up on supplies for your new little buddy.

Not quite ready to adopt? No problem! There are still plenty of ways you can get involved to help Rattie Ratz and local adoptable rats find their perfect forever homes.

Enjoy an educational excursion with your family and friends. This is a kid-friendly event so be sure to bring the little ones! You’ll learn about various bees including local species. This experience includes a hands-on workshop and ends with a nature walk in the redwood forest. They even include a snack! Keep an eye open for other educational events at the Chabot. They’ve got some really unique events lined up! 

rabbit adoption event near oakland

Hop on into Pet People in Los Gatos to meet the rabbit you’ve been waiting for. The Rabbit Haven is an all-volunteer rabbit rescue hoping to give these rabbits a second chance in a happy home. The adoption event includes adoption counseling and an educational session to make sure potential adopters are fully prepared. All adoptable rabbits are housed in foster homes, so if there’s one you are hoping to meet at the show, you’ll want to reach out to the rescue to make sure that rabbit will be there. If you don’t have room for another rabbit, you can always inquire about helping at their adoption shows and their other volunteer opportunities. The more hands on deck, the more rabbits they can save!

Exotic Bird Mart and Expo, March 10, 2024, Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo- This event, organized by Bird Mart and Expo Inc., features vendors with a wide array of bird supplies. This is a chance to meet other bird fanciers and learn more about your favorite animals. This isn’t just for “inside” birds. You can find educational material, equipment, and other vendors for waterfowl and chickens too. In addition to vendors, there will be veterinarians and avian specialists. This is a must-see event for lovers of all things avian. 

Join in with the Golden Gate Bird Alliance as they work to restore the habitat of our native waterfowl and waterfront birds. If you’re interested in attending, you’ll need to register in advance. Be sure to wear work ready attire that is appropriate for the weather. In addition to the satisfaction you’ll have from a job well done, you will have an opportunity to look for and learn more about our amazing local birds.

young baby birds feeding

If you have small children, you won’t want to miss out on this! Encourage your child to appreciate wildlife and the world around them by learning how wild animals care for their young. You and your child will get to meet wildlife ambassadors, see a puppet show, and do some fun, hands-on crafts. The Lindsay Wildlife Center is always planning educational events, and their Tiny Tuesdays series is a great way to encourage love and respect for wildlife. Be sure to check their calendar for other interactive events. 

Join Dave “Doc Quack” Riensche, Wildlife Biologist, in his mission to save the critically endangered Ridgway's Rail. You will help remove trash and invasive plants while restoring native vegetation and rehabilitating the Roemer Bird Sanctuary to make it more friendly for the rail. This is an excellent volunteer opportunity and the chance to be part of efforts to make Oakland welcoming for its native creatures. This is an ongoing project, so keep an eye open for project updates and additional work dates. 

The Reptile Realms Reptile Show is a great place to check out some new supplies for your reptile. Plus, you’ll get to meet and hang out with fellow reptile lovers. What could be better?!

Bioactive Supply Reptile Expo near Oakland, CA

Looking ahead at this summer, we’ve got you covered! This big event helps fund JnW Reptile Rescue. Not only will you have access to education about reptiles, but you can explore vendors like Lizard Lady’s Reptile Supplies and Sinister Exotics. This expo also features non-profit vendors BAARS (Bay Area Herpetological Society, formerly Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society), Classroom Safari, and NCHS (Northern California Herpetological Society). Come for the reptiles, but don’t forget the oddities. You can even get art, crystals, and other unique items.

Headed to an exotic or wildlife event this spring or summer? Be sure to tell us all about it! We love to learn more about the amazing exotic community here in Oakland!


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