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the best holiday gifts for exotic pet owners

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We all know that pet owner who can’t get enough of anything related to their pet. Most of us are that pet owner! Cute gifts featuring dogs, cats, and even horses are pretty easy to come by. But what about your friends who have less conventional pets? Exotic pets are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and it’s easier than ever to find gifts that put their favorite animal front and center. Maybe you’re looking for a birthday gift or preparing for the holidays since they’re right around the corner. We’ve put together a helpful list of shops with gifts that would be just perfect for the exotic pet owner in your life. Best of all, you’ll be supporting local merchants and creatives!

gifts for exotic pet owners

Mark Poulin Jewelry- Based right here in Oakland, silversmith Mark Poulin creates whimsical charms, earrings, and rings. You can find adorable axolotls, turtles, birds, and for your friends in wildlife rescue, sweet little opossums and foxes. Stop by his online shop and take a look. You’ll be sure to find a unique piece that the gift recipient will love.

Marmar raccoon exotic pet necklace oakland ca
Mark Poulin Tiny Raccoon Charm

Paul Braybrook- Local artist Paul Braybrook creates stunning pen and ink drawings and oil paintings. To make his art accessible to everyone, he also makes fine art prints. To truly make a memorable gift, you can order a custom portrait of your loved one’s pet. Paul Braybrook’s animal portraits would make a wonderful addition to the collection of anyone who loves exotic pets and wildlife.

Feathered Jewels- The owner of this shop doesn’t just make beautiful jewelry featuring exotic pets, she’s also an exotic pet owner! Inspired by her parrots, Cindy started creating feather jewelry made of their dropped feathers. She has expanded to include jewelry made of lovely Czech glass beads. Order a pair of truly one-of-a-kind feather earrings for the bird owner in your life.

Exotic Pet parrot feather earrings oakland ca
FeatheredJewels Pionus Feather Earrings

Bird Versus Bird- For your friends in bird rescue, bird owners, and bird watchers, the products at Bird Versus Bird will hit the right note. Designed right here in Oakland, the magnets, stationery, pillows, and other items all feature the original artwork of shop owner Bess Petty.

Reptilian Kingdom- Sometimes the best gifts are for someone’s pet. If you have a reptile lover in your life, treat their scaly companion to some Bee Pollen Powder from the Reptilian Kingdom. This shop is based in San Jose and is an Etsy Star Seller.

Pawcifica- There’s nothing like a gift that features your pet’s face! This San Francisco-based shop has custom pet stickers, t-shirts, and mugs. Have a chinchilla fanatic on your guest list? Pawcifica has multiple items featuring adorable cartoon chinchillas. For small gifts and stocking stuffers, take a look at this shop.

Buns Hop Shop- Treat your buddy's bunnies, or your own rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pocket pets, to a little something from this San Francisco-based shop. You can find forage boxes, snuggle beds, natural treats, and hay bags with adorable designs. The shop owner, Melody Li, is a small animal fan and loves the idea of enriching the lives of small pets.

Anna Ellis Studios- Even if you aren’t a rabbit owner, you’ll fall in love with the unique pieces created by Anna Ellis. This Santa Cruz-based artist is inspired by nature, and her ceramics heavily feature rabbits. In addition to mugs and other vessels, her shop also carries whimsical ceramic figures. Anna is also devoted to helping rescue rabbits. The proceeds from selected items in her shop are donated to benefit Rabbit Haven, a 100% volunteer rabbit rescue organization located in Scotts Valley.

Wildlife Art By Roger- If you have a friend who adores reptiles and amphibians, or just wildlife in general, then stop by Roger Hall’s Etsy shop. This Oakland artist specializes in high-quality, scientifically accurate prints of wildlife. You can find prints of geckos of the world, turtles, frogs, iguanas, and more. It doesn’t stop with our scaly friends. Spiders, birds, mammals, and fish are all featured in these exquisite watercolor prints.

The Gentle Wild Designs- Ursula, the artist behind The Gentle Wild Designs, takes her inspiration from the beauty of animals. Her shop features mugs, water bottles, and notebooks with animals of all kinds. Not only is her art perfect for animal lovers, but it’s also perfect for California residents because many of her non-animal pieces feature stunning California landscapes!

Ragavon- What do you get when you combine animals with fantasy and whimsical design? You get the adorable upcycled accessories found at Ragavon. Featuring capybara wizards, witch frogs, and piles of opossums, you’re certain to find a fun and fantastic present for the person on your gift list.

toad sticker exotic pet gift shop oakland ca
Ragavon Cozy Toad Sticker

Cat Garcia Art- Whether you’re looking for a large gift like a piece of art or a sweatshirt, or a stocking stuffer like socks or stickers, you’re sure to find the perfect thing in this shop. Bay area artist, Cat Garcia, seeks to honor nature through her art, and her designs are simple but bold. From native reptiles to area insects, there’s a little something for everyone.

Nora Cody Mosaics- If you are looking for a truly special gift for the bird enthusiast in your life, one of these beautiful mosaics may be just what you were looking for. You can select from one of her stunning pre-made designs or order a custom piece. The only thing we know for sure? One of Nora Cody’s lovely art pieces will be a gift your friend or loved one will treasure forever.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect little something for the exotic pet owner or animal lover in your life. Have a shop or artist to add? Be sure to reach out, and we will check them out!

Fur and Feather Pet Care Michelle with chickens

Important note: Fur and Feather Pet Care is not affiliated with any of the businesses in this list nor can we directly recommend purchasing from any of these shops. Please use this list as a helpful reference, but as always, do your own research!


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