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how to use your client portal

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Here at Fur and Feather Pet Care, we’re dedicated to our clients and want to give your pets the best care possible. To make this happen, it’s important that we have all of your's and your pet’s information easy to access. The more we know about you and your pet, from their favorite activities to the way you want us to enter your home, the better the services we can provide.

Fur and Feather Pet Care Client Portal Info

The Client Portal simplifies everything and makes it more convenient. We know you’re busy. That’s why you called us! So our goal is to help streamline the process of arranging great care for your pet.

That’s why we’re going to teach you how to make the best use of your Client Portal. Even if you aren’t computer savvy, the Client Portal is easy to set up and use. Keep reading for a quick tutorial and to learn how you can best utilize all of the features of the Client Portal.

how to set up your client portal

Before you can access all of the features of the Client Portal, you need to set up an account.

To get set up, Fur and Feather Pet Care will send you an email to activate your account.

If you don’t receive an email, here are a few steps you can follow to get activated. Click on the Client Login button on our website to get started. Click the ‘Activate Your Account’ button, enter your email address, and keep an eye out for an email asking you to activate your account. This email will contain a temporary password so you can sign in and finish creating your account.

Click on the provided link, sign in using the one-time use temporary password, and create a new password. That's all it takes! You now have your account all set up!

filling in your client portal

Now that you have your account set up, it’s time to add in details about your pet. The more information you can provide, the better. Let us know if your pet has any medical conditions we need to be aware of, dietary restrictions, allergies, handling preferences, or any other special needs. If your pet is on any medications we are responsible for giving, let us know the medication, the dosage, and where you keep the medication.

Fur and Feather Pet Care Oakland Exotic Pet Care Client Portal

Even if you think we might not consider something important, throw it in anyway! The more you can tell us about your pet, the better. Tell us their favorite toys or activities, if they are allowed treats, if they like to be handled or if they prefer to be left alone; if you’ve noticed they have a favorite song… add that too! This will help us provide the best care and most comfortable environment for your pet. Many exotics are very sensitive to change, so a comfortable environment means no stress for them… and in turn, no stress for you!

Don’t forget to include how you want us to access your home. If you have a key-coded lock, leave us the code in your Client Portal. If you want us to go through the back door, add it to your profile!

After filling in your profile, spend some time clicking through the tabs and learning how to navigate through all the options. You’ll be a pro at using your Client Portal in no time!

features of the client portal

The Client Portal does more than just provide us with information about your pet. It has tons of features that make it a convenient tool for you too!

  • It makes communication easy and keeps it all in one place. No searching through your texts and emails for messages you’re certain you sent. All your messages are right there in one place so that you can keep track of our correspondence.

Please note that messaging in the Client Portal is our preferred method of communication. Emails and texts are often lost. Use the Client Portal messaging to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Fur and Feather Pet Care Client Portal Messaging

If you think of something at the last minute, send us a message through the Client Portal. If we have a question or an update about your pet, it will be right there in your messages in the Client Portal. No worries about missed messages or messages going to the wrong place.

Has an emergency occurred? We want to make sure we can respond to your message as quickly as possible. Message us through the Client Portal and send us a text or call to cover all of your bases.

  • The Portal includes a calendar and the ability to request a service date. This makes scheduling a breeze! Simply click 'Request New Service', select a date, and fill in details to check for our availability.

If we are unavailable on a date you would like, you are welcome to send us a message through the Portal. We can’t promise an opening, but we might be able to make something work. Be sure to use the Client Portal to help us see your message more quickly!

Fur and Feather Pet Care Client Portal Schedule

Need to make an adjustment to your scheduled visits? It’s so easy in the Client Portal. Click the ‘Cancel/Change Services’ button and follow the steps. It’s also a good idea to send us a message to let us know about the change you’re requesting.

  • Not sure when your next invoice is due? You can easily keep track of payment information using the ‘Invoice’ tab in the Client Portal. You can even use it to make your payments.

  • Have you just returned from a vet visit and found out your pet has an allergy? Have there been important medication changes? You can update your pet’s information instantly. Just log in and make the changes to your pet’s information page. As always, it’s also a good idea to send us a message so that we know about the change as soon as possible.

  • Has a new pet joined the family? You can easily add a new pet to your profile. Simply click the ‘Pet’ tab and select the ‘Add New Pet’ button. You can add more information to your new pet’s profile as you get to know them better.

final notes about your client portal

To help you even further, here are some additional resources and tips!

  1. Did you know that you can download your Client Portal as an app on your phone? Learn more and get downloading by following these instructions.

  2. Troubleshooting? Check out this handy resource to answer your questions.

See how easy it is! It’s a one-stop shop for handling everything to do with the care of your pet while you’re away at work or out of town! Questions about the Client Portal? Reach out! We’d be happy to help!


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