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why you want an experienced registered veterinary technician to care for your exotic pet

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

If you have an exotic pet, then leaving them can be pretty stressful. How can you be certain that the person caring for them really knows what they’re doing? If something happens and your pet is sick, will they know the signs? Are they really ready to handle feeding a snake if it’s required? Will they remember to leave greens for your beardie?

If you want the peace of mind that you really are leaving your pet in the best hands, trust a Registered Veterinary Technician to keep your pet safe! Vet techs are more than just glorified poop scoopers. Let's talk about why, when you need a helping hand, you want an experienced vet tech to care for your pet.

what does a registered veterinary technician do?

Behind every great doctor, there is a great team of nurses. The same is true in veterinary medicine! In fact, outside of the United States, vet techs actually have the title of Veterinary Nurse. Vet techs have experience working with multiple species and are the ones who dispense prescriptions, draw blood, and assist in surgeries. In a clinic setting, the Techs do the majority of the handling and direct care of patients.

Michelle of Fur and Feather Pet Care experienced Registered Veterinary Technician with turtle

Most vet techs have a two or four year degree in veterinary technology and have been through an accredited program. Many states now also require vet techs to pass a licensing exam and maintain their license through continuing education.

Vet techs are trained in restraint techniques, blood draws, performing injections, monitoring vital signs, and taking patients' histories. They have learned to run the clinic's lab equipment and take x-rays. Some Techs even specialize; they focus on performing dental cleanings and restorations, handling emergency and critical care, working in oncology, and more.

Michelle of Fur and Feather Pet Care Registered Veterinary Technician

Vet techs are familiar with how to handle different types of animals. For instance, you can’t handle a rabbit the same way you would handle a dog. Vet techs can also spot when an animal might be trying to hide their symptoms and can recognize important but subtle signs of distress.

Vet techs aren’t just in pet clinics. They work behind the scenes at zoos and aquariums and are instrumental in animal care at wildlife rehabs. Anywhere you find a vet, you’ll also find a team of vet techs assisting.

why book an experienced vet tech to care for your exotic pet

It’s hard to put your trust in just anyone when it comes to our beloved pets… especially unique and exotic pets that have very distinctive needs. Animals that require special environments also require special care and attention. You need a pet sitter that understands what they’ve signed up for… someone who does more than just walk in and fill up the water dish.

We all know people who urge us to save money by just asking them to help. Friends and family are great, but they may not have the ability to spot if something is wrong. Even if you leave them a very detailed list, things can be misinterpreted. If there is an emergency while you’re gone, they may not be able to recognize that your pet is in distress since they don’t know what to watch for.

The same is true for pet sitting businesses that primarily serve dogs and cats. While they’re trained and experienced with dogs and cats, they may not have enough experience with handling exotic pets.

They may not understand that a rabbit's hindquarters need gentle handling. If you have to be gone and your snake is due for a feed, will they be okay offering them a mouse or a pinky? Their not-quite-right approach may cause undue stress to an animal that is naturally on high alert.

These reasons are why you should put your trust in the people that have direct experience with exotics. We have the training to know if your pet is under the weather. We also understand how to properly handle your pet and approach them in a calm, stress free way. And guess what? With an experienced vet tech caring for your exotic pet while you’re away, you’ll be stress free too.

about our experienced vet tech, michelle

Fur and Feather Pet Care’s fearless leader, Michelle, is a Registered Veterinary Technician with 30 years in the veterinary field. But her love for and experience with animals dates far earlier than that. As a child, she was a reptile enthusiast and owned a variety of reptiles and birds.

When she first entered the veterinary field, she started in a private practice that specializes in birds. While most clients were domestic pet birds, there was also a lot of wildlife that was brought into the clinic, so she gathered wildlife experience pretty early on. Next, her career led her to the Oakland Zoo where she continued to work with a variety of wildlife and exotic species.

Michelle Fur and Feather Pet Care Oakland Zoo wildlife pet care with giraffe

Michelle’s dream was to eventually work in wildlife rehabilitation. After 17 years, her dream came to life! She spent time in Costa Rica, working with Scarlet Macaws. Then, spent time working with native wildlife in Malawi and Botswana. When she got back to the States, she returned to her position at the Oakland Zoo.

In the past 30 years, Michelle has learned many fascinating and helpful techniques and modalities like acupuncture and holistic veterinary care. She continues to volunteer with wildlife rehabilitation organizations as well as within the rabbit and pigeon departments at Oakland Animal Services.

Fur and Feather pet care Oakland zoo California Condor

Michelle continues to educate herself on best practices within the veterinary, wildlife, and exotic fields. She attends conferences and enrolls in courses in order to deliver the best care to her Oakland exotic pet community.

Armed with her years of hands-on experience, Michelle founded Fur and Feather Pet Care in order to provide professional, personalized care to exotic pets in the Oakland area.

Fur and Feather offers In-Home Pet Care as well as Small Animal Boarding services. To learn more about the services we offer, pop on over to the Services page. If you have any questions, don’t be shy, reach out!


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